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The team at Avantor Sciences are piloting their new Responsible Supplier Programme. While the programme is still being designed and implemented, Emma, Global Sourcing Sustainability Director, joined us on September 7th to discuss the approach being adopted and some of the successes and pitfalls they have experienced.

The team at Avantor are closely collaborating with their suppliers as they develop their new sustainability strategy to form mutually beneficial buyer-supplier relationships. The end-goal of the program is to create an ecosystem which promotes Supplier Collaboration towards achieving sustainability without adding yet another reporting framework to the process.


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Supplier Sustainability Management: Now Available

The majority of our sustainability challenges sit in our supply chains. From emissions, water, and biodiversity, to supplier diversity and child labour free supply chains, it is indisputable - we cannot operate sustainably without our suppliers.

But getting an accurate picture of supplier sustainability is notoriously difficult, with lack of transparency over suppliers’ sustainability performance, unwieldy data from disclosure framework providers, and difficulty integrating this data with existing procurement platforms. This lack of centralisation and transparency makes working on improvements in collaboration with suppliers especially difficult, limiting organisations’ ability to make concrete progress on issues like scope 3, water security, sustainable raw materials, and more.

That’s why we built Vizibl Supplier Sustainability Management.

If you’d like to learn more about Supplier Sustainability Management, visit:

Vizibl Supplier Sustainability Management Now Available1