Vizibl Resilience.

Build resilience. Seize opportunities.

Be prepared for any crisis, recover faster and transform disruption into opportunity with a single, integrated supply-chain collaboration platform.

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Build a resilient supply chain

Vizibl Resilience prepares the world’s leading organisations for crisis, and more. Collaborate with suppliers on contingency plans, identify and mitigate supplier risks, seek opportunities through agile innovation and get real-time visibility into your supply-chain. With our tailored Rapid Deploy implementation, you’ll be up and running in no time.




Align with key suppliers on strategy, collaborate on contingency plans, mitigate risks and ensure operational continuity in crisis.



Seize opportunities where others
can’t with agile supplier collaboration
and innovation, managed
in one place.



Get real-time visibility into your supply-chain, identify and respond to supplier disruption and track progress on key goals. 




Align with strategic suppliers

Align with suppliers on the key goals and objectives of your business and supply-chain resilience strategy.

  • Identify and mitigate risks and develop strategic contingency plans in collaboration with suppliers 
  • Secure priority supply, distribution and manufacturing access
  • Manage your plans in a central location where they are reviewed and updated regularly




resilience-right-2 copyStreamline supplier operations

Consolidate your supply-chain operations into a single, collaborative, digital workspace for more efficient business continuity in crisis.

  • Leverage Vizibl’s Open API to bring existing supply chain tools together in one place
  • Connect everything from risk management, to business intelligence, to source-to-pay and more
  • Consider Vizibl Resilience your virtual supply-chain command centre




Collaborate and innovate at speed

Build competitive advantage in crises when others are unprepared.

  • Respond to market shifts by sourcing new ideas, expertise and infrastructure from key suppliers
  • Collaborate and innovate at speed with Vizibl’s centralised project management and communication platform
  • Accelerate the launch of new products and services to market with Vizibl's Opportunities module to source and gather ideas from suppliers





Achieve total visibility

Get unprecedented real-time visibility into your entire supply-chain.

  • Consolidate your data into a single reporting interface and benefit from the unique insights of our analytics dashboards
  • Identify supplier gaps, understand what supplies are disrupted, learn which regions are impacted and know the contingency plans to activate in response
  • Equip your organisation with the knowledge to outperform

Rapid Deploy Implementation

30 Days
Our experienced professional services team have crafted a unique rapid deploy solution to design, configure, test and implement an instance of Vizibl Resilience that will meet your exact needs and objectives. All within 30 days.

Why supply chain resilience is the future

Mark Perera gives a quick overview on why supply chain resilience is key for organisations going forward

"Supplier collaboration and innovation is key for us at Vodafone. Vizibl gives us a centrally managed platform that helps us provide the structure and reporting tools needed for key proof of concept and supplier innovation project to flourish.”
ninian wilson, ceo vodafone procurement company
"Supply chain resilience no longer implies merely the ability to manage risk. It now assumes that the ability to manage risk means being better positioned than competitors to deal with - and even gain advantage from - disruptions."
prof. yossi sheffi, director of the mit center for transportation and logistics

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