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Access the on demand recording of 'The Decade of Our Lives: Turning objectives into action'

The Decade of Our Lives: Turning objectives into action


On Wednesday, 27th April, Caitlyn Lewis, Founder & MD of Supplier Day, hosted a highly practical sustainability session looking at how procurement can help turn ESG strategy into concrete progress for our environment and its people. She was joined by Bayer CPO Thomas Udesen and Jacklin Wienczierz, Head of Supplier Sustainability & Climate Change Initiatives at Clariant, who discussed how to do just that, bringing their practical experience, top tips, and advice on potential pitfalls to the audience. 

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Sustainability from Vizibl

Given that value chain emissions make up the majority of our environmental impact, the supply chain holds the key to true organisational sustainability. While cost and complexity have been a barrier for enterprise businesses looking to reduce their impact on people and planet, supplier sustainability doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive.

Vizibl brings together your supply chain sustainability data in one place so you can identify new opportunities with suppliers, accelerate collaborative initiatives, and meet your ambitious commitments.

If you’d like to learn more about how to leverage Supplier Collaboration & Innovation to drive sustainable business growth, visit  


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