Sustainability through Supplier Collaboration: From green ideal to commercial imperative

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Sustainability Through Supplier Collaboration

On February 3rd 2021, Vizibl hosted a live webinar alongside executives from Heineken, BP, and Unilever to discuss the topic that should be top of every enterprise's agenda in 2021: sustainability.

Once regarded as little more than corporate philanthropy, sustainability initiatives have since proved their returns
outweigh their cost; alongside safeguarding our planet and its people, they provide tangible financial advantage
to the businesses that pursue them.

Whether you're concerned about hitting ESG targets, delivering against UN SDG pledges, or pursuing other sustainability programmes, working closely with your supplier ecosystem is essential. Supplier collaboration, however, continues to be under-recognised and under-leveraged. This webinar will explore why it's so challenging to deliver on these goals, how we can work more collaboratively with our suppliers to do so, and what we should use as our measure of success.

During this 60-minute session the panel discussed:

Business case

The link between supplier sustainability performance and commercial advantage

Key challenges

Why it's so difficult to define and deliver on sustainability initiatives such as UN SDGs

Success & Scaling

How to measure success, with real-world examples of best practice

About The Speakers

Jim Massey - Chair
Global Sustainability Executive

Jim is a social entrepreneur and environmental, social, and governance executive. He previously served as Global Vice President of Sustainability Strategy and Engagement at AstraZeneca, a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of prescription medicines.


Alexandra Tarmo
Global Procurement Director Partnerships, Unilever
As part of Unilever's Global team, Alex puts sustainability front of mind for all that they do. A key part of this is Unilever’s Partner with Purpose (UPWP) programme that is taking purpose-led partnerships to a new level to protect and regenerate nature, fuel market-leading innovations and make sustainable living commonplace. Through the Partner with Purpose programme, Alex works with partners to innovate responsibly and transparently to deliver their ambitious sustainability commitments.
Arjen van der Woude
Director Strategic Sourcing Supply Chain, Heineken

As part of Heineken's supply chain leadership, Arjen is passionate about building not only the brightest possible future for his business, but for the planet and its people as well. Key to the future business direction of Heineken is ensuring that their own goals for Brewing a Better World also contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Mark Smith
Procurement VP - Digital Talent & Supply, BP

Mark Smith is the current VP Digital Talent & Supply for BP, after joining bp in 2012 and holding a number of strategic and transformational leadership roles across the company’s Procurement organisation. He is currently accountable for category leadership of corporate services and technology third party spend.


Lazar Armianov
Sustainable Procurement Expert & VP Sales EMEA, EcoVadis

Lazar has been spearheading the development of EcoVadis in EMEA for the last four years, supporting public and private sector organisations to achieve their sustainability objectives. He has over 14 years of international experience in sustainability and responsible procurement with a focus on business development across all major industry sectors, including financial services, telecoms and manufacturing. He gained his extensive expertise during his time at CEB (now Gartner), the Carbon Trust and thinkstep (now Sphera).


Mark Perera
CEO & Author Of 'Procurement With Purpose', Vizibl
As founder and CEO of Vizibl, Mark is helping companies build and scale their innovation and supplier ecosystems. Previously, Mark founded Procurement Leaders, the world’s largest procurement network. He is extremely passionate about the ability of procurement organisations to drive positive change in the world, and is currently writing a book on this movement: ‘Procurement with Purpose’.
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