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Chapters Included

1. Why SC&I?

An outline of why supplier collaboration & innovation is so important right now, with insights on why supplier management programs failed in the past. 

2. What Does SC&I Entail?

Organisations exist in an era where Supplier Collaboration & Innovation needs to be at the forefront of a company’s growth strategy. But what does this actually involve?

3. How To Do SC&I

Building out an SC&I program requires ︎careful planning and direct︎ing of procurement activities. We give you a blueprint to help start this journey. 


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With Insights From

"Collaboration with suppliers & startups is at the heart of our next decade innovation strategy and is key to our growth."

Ninian Wilson

Chief Procurement Officer, Vodafone
"Chasing cost savings will not be seen as strategic, but bringing speed and innovation to the supply chain will be seen as increasingly crucial."

Peter Carlsson

former CPO, Tesla
"We have written this guide to help procurement and supply chain ninjas navigate their way as future innovation brokers, and hope that it sparks conversation and debate. This guide is based on SC&I best practices from our own experience of growing Vizibl, the lessons we have learned from our customers, along with a collection of expert insights that you can incorporate into your strategies."

- Darragh Toolan, Vizibl


Why read this eBook?

  • Find out why supplier relationships should be a source of competitive advantage
  • Get insights from experts and thought leaders to help understand the changes required for a future fit business
  • Guidance on leveraging capabilities and technology for more productive relationships
  • Understand how visionaries in Supply Chain and Procurement are leveraging their supplier collaboration programs to drive growth
  • And much more...

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Our technology is used by the worlds biggest companies such as Vodafone, Sanofi and Astellas to underpin and digitise their supplier collaboration and innovation programs. 

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