CPO Insight: Why & How To Align Procurement Activity To Business Strategy
Duration: 45 minutes 



Patrick Mitchell
Former CPO - Mars Inc.
P. D. Mitchell Inc. & Sr. Advisor - McKinsey & Company

Here is the problem: According to research, two out of three CPOs in 2016 lacked tight alignment between their day-to-day activities and the overall objectives of the business. Clearly, this is problematic. To be a strategic business partner and deliver competitive advantage back to the business, procurement needs to be closely aligned and actively engaged in the achievement of corporate objectives.

In this 45-minute webinarwe will examine

  • Defining and establishing the basis for procurement and business strategy alignment – the "business case"
  • Developing the key drivers and the path to a “strategic partnership” focusing on business objectives – the “how”
  • The potential challenges faced in developing and implementing a procurement & business strategy alignment program today and tomorrow
  • The opportunity gain for companies when procurement has achieved mutual accountability for the success of many of the company objectives