Innovation at Nokia: How Procurement is Driving Enterprise Value with Partners Inside & Outside the Business

Duration: 45 minutes


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Goran Cangl
Head of Ecosystem Steering, Innovation Partner & Venture Management

As innovation becomes the lifeblood for companies in a host of industries, so called 'innovation centers or platforms’ are increasingly in demand. As majority of innovations are coming from the outside and the innovation collaboration trend is expected to increase, procurement needs to step up and dramatically change the current ways of engagement with its stakeholders. To remedy this trend and ensure that innovation flows freely into its business, Nokia developed the “Open Ecosystem Network”, a multi-sided platform, that facilitates all aspects of 3rd party collaboration and introduces aspects of procurement disruption.

In this live-webinar, Goran will examine:

  • Global trends that are leading to the disruption of the procurement function, as we know it today
  • Creation of Open Ecosystem Network and procurement use cases
  • A live view of Open Ecosystem Network platform