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"Gartner data shows that the business context for sustainability is both changing and enduring for the 2020s. Goals are getting more aggressive. Investment is growing. Future carbon taxation planning is already underway. Customers are driving transformation."

In this report, "Leading Sustainability Ambition, Goals and Technology in the 2020s", Gartner defines three overarching steps which businesses need to take in order to successfully realise their sustainability ambitions in the 2020s: "Set the Strategic Ambition for Sustainability, Align Goals with Ambition", and finally, "Unleash Ecosystems with Technology". 

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In a recent Gartner survey, 62% of the most mature procurement organizations highlighted that developing stronger, more collaborative relationships with their supply base is a top priority. The top benefits reported by respondents highlight cost and quality improvements, along with higher engagement in sustainability initiatives and priority access to scarce capacity.”


Source: Gartner, "Leading Sustainability Ambition, Goals and Technology in the 2020's", Kristin Moyer, Simon Mingay, & Sarah Watt, 27 April 2021. 

Source: Gartner, "Follow Gartner’s 4-Step Framework to Implement an Effective Supplier Collaboration Strategy", Miguel Cossio, 2 February 2021.

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