The Future of Engineering Services - Disruption is key and Collaboration a means

Duration: 45 minutes

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The world is changing fast and becoming more complex each day. The classical supply chain approach outside of manufacturing has to be transformed into real partnerships and collaborative engagements in which value creation is the fundamental driver of mutual success. In today’s gig economy where top talent is not any longer looking for a classical corporate career, the outsourcing of engineering services can create extremely high ROI for companies, if setup the right way. Procurement has to step up and needs to create a rock star brand in which the value created is the message rather than solely focusing on negotiated savings.

In this live-webinar, we, will examine:

  • How mega trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Driving or Industry 4.0 are forcing complex solution innovation
  • How Innovation has fundamentally changed and is not necessarily differentiating in new economies, supplier-enabled innovation becomes a means
  • Total Talent Management and how to address changed work environments such as the gig economy phenomenon - the best talent may not sit on your own payroll any longer
  • The future of work with collaboration at the core

 This webinar includes Live Q&A with our speaker