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Vizibl's Supplier Innovation Playbook

In today's challenging and rapidly evolving business landscape, supplier innovation is not only a key driver of competitive advantage and sustainable growth for many organisations, but also a critical lever in helping organisations remain relevant in response to changing business or consumer demands. 

By leveraging the insights, strategies, and frameworks outlined in this playbook, organisations can unlock new sources of value, drive sustainable growth, and maintain a competitive advantage in today's dynamic marketplace.

Embrace supplier innovation as a strategic imperative, and embark on a journey towards innovation excellence and collaborative success.

Your suppliers are experts in their respective fields. Implementing a successful supplier innovation playbook that exploits this expertise will accelerate your organisation's competitive advantage.

What's covered in this playbook:

  • Why innovate with suppliers?

  • Key strategies for effective supplier innovation

  • Building block 1: The steering committee

  • Building block 2: Implementation roadmap

  • Building block 3: The role of technology in managing supplier innovation

  • Overcoming challenges

  • Conclusion

  • Introducing Vizibl's Supplier Innovation Hub


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