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1. Where to start...

We have created this guide with the aim of helping business leaders understand the impact that collaboration can have on their strategy and objectives.

2. Aligning objectives

To accelerate the trust process and to ensure sustained engagement of the participants, it’s important to first align on the purpose of the collaboration.

3. Engage & grow

Being able to demonstrate value from your collaborative efforts with suppliers is key. Essentially in order to justify a program you need to be able to outline the ROI.





the how

on supplier collaboration

With Insights From

"For me, collaboration includes identifying and valuing the other parties’ strengths and respectfully leveraging them. This means that activities should be focused on filling in the gaps, not recreating what already exists."

Andrea Montreuil

Founding Partner, Innodelice
"Collaboration is best when complimentary minds, background and skills come together. Investing the time to understand the skill set that each party proposes to bring to the table is a great way of increasing chances of success."

Alex Short

Co-Founder, Vizibl
Collaboration in businesses is tricky, and effective external collaboration in particular, poses a huge problem for most organisations. This paper, created in collaboration between Vizibl and Innodelice will hopefully go some way to answering that conundrum.

Packed full of practical advice, first hand experience and amazing insights from the team at Innodelice, you can use this paper as a reference point for how to get started on your supplier collaboration journey.

- The Vizibl Team


Why read this eBook?

  • Everyone wants to understand how to kick off a supplier program, this ebook shows you how to start
  • Find out the three critical factors for collaboration to flourish 
  • Get straightforward insight on how to create purpose alignment and business objective alignment across supplier relationships
  • Understand what the rules of engagement for this new way of working with suppliers should be
  • And much more...

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