The Trusted CPO: How To Build Procurement's Brand

Duration: 45 minutes


Greg Tennyson
VSP Global

Procurement has come a long way in the past few years. However, too many business stakeholders remain unclear of the value that procurement generates for the company. Where there is some level of understanding, it is often solely related to negotiated savings. Valid or not, these criticisms reflect an underlying issue that requires attention: Procurement’s inability to quantify value in a way its stakeholders will understand and appreciate. To better quantify the value and earn their reputation buyers need to build a brand – much like consumer goods companies.

In this live-webinar, highly regarded CPO and thought-leader, Greg Tennyson, will examine:

  • How to educate the business and create a shared understanding of the procurement’s value
  • “Customer of Choice” strategies to improve brand perception and reputation and help attract best-in-class suppliers
  • Personal insights and lessons learned