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Purpose-led procurement:
The path to net zero impact

With Arjen van der Woude, Director Strategic Sourcing Supply Chain, Heineken

Wednesday 16 February, 2022 - 15:00 GMT


About this session

Arjen van der Woude of Heineken joins us to discuss one of the world's largest FMCG company's road to net-zero carbon emissions, the global question surrounding how to approach Scope 3 carbon targets, and how enterprise organisations can harness the power of Supplier Collaboration & Innovation to align on sustainable targets. Join us on February 16th and learn what actionable steps audiences can take to begin our collective journey to averting climate disaster.



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Meet Arjen van der Woude

Director Strategic Sourcing
Supply Chain, Heineken

With over 30 years experience across global agriculture, ingredients and FMCG, Arjen van der Woude joins us from Heineken where he currently serves as Director Strategic Sourcing Supply Chain. In this role he is responsible for driving sustainability in the supply chain together with the business in supporting Heineken’s Net Zero targets, alongside mitigating risks to the business, managing down cost, and supporting the top-line.  Arjen is a strong advocate for the importance of digitalisation, strong cross-functional collaboration, and a fit-for-purpose ecosystem of partners to support Heineken’s business goals.





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